Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

The ovary, which is an oval-shaped ovum-producing reproductive organ, is a part of the female vertebrate reproductive system usually found in pairs. These ovaries produce eggs called ova and female hormones. They are responsible for the controlling the development of the female body characteristics like the breasts, body hair, and body shape. The female’s menstrual cycle and pregnancy are also dependable with the ovaries that’s why they are one of the most essential female organs.

What is ovarian cancer?

A cancer that starts in the tissues of the ovaries is what you call ovarian cancer. It can either be a cancer that starts in the cells on the ovary surface (ovarian epithelial carcinomas), a cancer that starts in the egg cells (malignant germ cell ovarian tumors), a cancer that develops within the cells that grasps the ovaries together, or a metastatic cancer that spreads to other spots in the body. This certain type of cancer has been found with an unknown cause. Developing an ovarian cancer emerges to be influenced by quite a lot of factors such as:

– Intake of estrogen replacement only without progesterone
– A medical condition called endometriosis
– Certain genes defects
– Obesity
– Smoking
– Aging

What is the treatment for ovarian cancer?

The treatment for ovarian cancer can either be a surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, diphtheria toxin-encoding DNA, or a combination of surgery and chemotherapy. Studies have shown that treatment for ovarian cancer in specialized hospitals offer better results than the treatment for ovarian cancer given in general hospitals. Often, these treatments for ovarian cancer rely on the stage of disease which is related to the degree or amount of spread of the cancer. Here is a list of the treatment for ovarian cancer:

Surgery – it is the process of removing the cancer from the ovary and the other parts of the body where it is possible

Chemotherapy – this is the method of using chemicals to destroy cancer cells

Radiotherapy or Radiation Treatment – this means of treating ovarian cancer can be used only in some instances; it makes use of high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells present in the ovary

Diphtheria Toxin-encoding DNA – the nanoparticle delivery of this certain DNA decreases the burden of ovarian tumors; it targets only tumor cells leaving healthy cells in good physical shape

It should be noted that these treatments for ovarian cancer vary from the level of the spread of the cancer cells as not all treatments are effective for the different stages of ovarian cancer.

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