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Rumors of Verizon iPhone on the 2010 Horizon

Friday, 25 December 2009 13:28 | Yogyakarta Net Category: Electronic | 263 hit

Yogyakarta Net Tags: Anthony Melone, apple, Apples iPhone, ATnT, cdma, Christmas Carol, Hand Phone, iphone, Luke Wilson, microsoft, Qualcomm, technology, verizon, Verizon Wireless

Reports and rumors that Apple’s iPhone is coming to Verizon in 2010 are looking good. We weren’t sure whether to report this or not, because we don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up—including our own. BusinessWeek reported that Verizon Wireless’ chief technology officer, Anthony Melone, says the company is “prepared” to support the iPhone if Apple decides to end its exclusivity with AT&T. Verizon, the largest wireless provider in the U.S., is reportedly investing in its network to make it capable of handling extra traffic from Apple’s iPhone. “We have put things in place already, ” Melone says. “We are prepared to support that traffic.” Melone did not make any comment directly admitting that the iPhone would become available on Verizon in 2010, but several reports of Apple’s recent behavior have some analyst this new communion may be the case for the coming year. There have…

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Denpasar Police receive award from Japan, Germany

Friday, 25 December 2009 13:25 | Yogyakarta Net Category: Tourism | 282 hit

Yogyakarta Net Tags: award, David Goltar Wicaksono, Denpasar Police, Germany, I Gede Alit Widana, jakarta, japan, Japanese tourist, news agency, Peter Ulrich, Rika Sano, Singapore

Denpasar Police receive award from Japan, Germany Denpasar City Police chief Sr. Comr. I Gede Alit Widana said Friday that his office had received awards from Japanese and German police for its success in cases of a Japanese tourist’s murder and a German national fugitive’s arrest. “[The awards] were the result of hard work by our personnel and was proof that we have quick response on every case, ” he told Antara state news agency. Widana said that Japanese police awarded his personnel for arresting David Goltar Wicaksono, who allegedly posed as a police officer and robbed and murdered 33-year-old Japanese tourist Rika Sano, less than a week after his alleged crime in October. The German police awarded the Bali police officers for the arrest of murder fugitive Peter Ulrich as he arrrived in Ngurah Rai Airport in late October, after managing to escape from authorities in Singapore and Jakarta.

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Yogyakarta Net Article: Batik The exotic textiles of Java

Sunday, 30 May 2010 10:30 | Yogyakarta Net Category: Tourism | 154 hit

Yogyakarta Net Tags: batik, batik dari jogja, batik jogja, batik produksi jogja, jogja, yogya, Yogyakartanet, yojo

The exotic textiles of Java have intrigued the outside world for the past 150 years. Batik, the legendary fiber art of painting and dyeing fabrics using a waxing process, has been influenced by cultures as diverse as the Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, and English. Like no other book before it, Batik takes the reader on a spellbinding tour of Java, revealing batik’s history, motifs, and methods of production. Product Details * Pub. Date: April 2004 * Publisher: Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd. * Format: Hardcover, 240pp * Sales Rank: 760, 806 * ISBN-13: 9780794602437 * ISBN: 0794602436 * Edition Description: Revised Synopsis The exotic textiles of Java have intrigued the outside world for the past 150 years. Batik, the legendary fiber art of painting and dyeing fabrics using a waxing process, has been influenced by cultures as diverse as the Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch,…

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Diamond Wedding Rings high quality diamond jewelry

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 02:16 | Yogyakarta Net Category: Collection | 311 hit

Yogyakarta Net Tags: Antique Engagement Rings, bracelets, Diamond Anniversary Bands, Diamond Eternity Rings, diamond pave set rings, diamond right hand rings, diamond sidestone rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond wedding sets, Engagement Rings, Men’s Gemstone Rings, Men’s Rings, Men’s Wedding Rings, Mens Diamond Rings, Pave Diamond Ring, Wedding Bands

Mens Diamond Rings, Antique Engagement Rings, Diamond Wedding Rings, Having the expertise and experience in manufacturing high quality diamond jewelry for over three decades, we guarantee that our products, such as our men’s rings and pave diamond ring, will meet and exceed your expectations at prices most retail jewelry stores purchase their inventories for. A part of our philosophy is that having the best people ensures the best customer experience. Our US based staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you select the finest diamond jewelry pieces. click image for detil We specialize in making unique diamond engagement rings, such as our antique diamond rings and vintage engagement rings, and diamond wedding bands, as well as an exceptional selection of men’s rings, including men’s…

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2010 Silver Year of the Tiger Kilo Dollars Now Available

Thursday, 01 April 2010 02:58 | Yogyakarta Net Category: Collection | 146 hit

Yogyakarta Net Tags: 2010 Silver Year, Dollar Sets, Eisenhower Dollars, Gold Buffalos, Gold Eagles, Half Dollars, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, Silver Eagles, Tiger Kilo Dollars

2010 Silver Year of the Tiger Kilo Dollars Now Available. Combing the world for new, unique and valuable coin products, we are adding them just as quickly as we receive them. Take a look at what’s new at GovMint.com, your one best source for coins worldwide! Silver Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars — and most of all Morgan and Peace Dollars — fueled the U.S. economy ever since huge deposits of precious silver were discovered in the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1859. Today, this long-lost silver pocket change is highly collectible. You’ll find single coins from silver half dimes to the 2001 Silver Buffalos, sets of Morgan dollars and Peace dollars, and coins graded by PCGS and NGC.

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Yogyakarta Net Article: Batik Design, Style and History

Sunday, 30 May 2010 10:43 | Yogyakarta Net Category: Home Industry | 146 hit

Yogyakarta Net Tags: batik dari jogja, batik design, batik history, batik jogja style, batik produksi jogja, jogja, yogya, Yogyakartanet, yojo

A comprehensive and richly illustrated survey of batik, a glorious textile art and popular Indonesian cloth.Every aspect of batik is rich in symbolism: its colors, motifs, and designs, as well as the way it is made, folded, and worn. Formerly a family and tribal signifier, and then a symbol of Indonesian independence and identity, it is now a fabric in demand all over the world. Fiona Kerlogue explores the origins of batik in the Indonesian archipelago; the materials and methods of production; regional traditions and differences; motifs and symbolism, including Malay, Chinese, and Islamic meanings; modern influences, such as industrialization, war, and independence; batik as traditional and modern costume; and batik as an art form. An illustrated index of motifs and their meanings, glossary, bibliography, and international listing of batik collections complete this authoritative yet accessible…

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