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The Heart positions the role of management because the change agent. Focusing on charisma and leadership traits the Coronary heart delivers organisational change by means of individual power and adaptation extra usually related to emergent change and an interpretative paradigm. The Coronary heart positioned on the centre of the Body remains delicate to the setting, related and responding to the needs of every member a part of the Body. Though the Coronary heart offers support for followers, it might put concern for itself above others metaphorically withdrawing help from extremities to protect the core organs.

The time period ‘raison d’etre’ is commonly used to describe the vision, values or purpose of an organisation. The Heart has its personal guidelines, attracts power from inside and uses discourse to create desire for or a concern of organisational change. Adopting the tenets of Human Relations and publish Bureaucratic Concept Coronary heart as Leadership humanizes and individualises organisational change to incorporate notions of equity and consistency lowering resistance. However the Heart might resist change and it is troublesome to proof the interactions and processes between Coronary heart and Body.The physiology of the Physique demonstrates the issue of the post Bureaucratic argument. The Heart is still ready of power and control. The Heart assumes that charisma supplies power for change and suggests Coronary heart failure ends in failure of the imaginative and prescient expounded by the Heart. However a charismatic leader may solely be capable to lead as a result of the followers share the imaginative and prescient, values and purpose within the first place. If the change the Heart desires does not match the Body, failure will happen regardless of the charisma of the Leader. Not like the Head that modifications strategies of control to gain acceptance, the Coronary heart’s function as leader might, like a donor organ, be accepted or rejected by the Body.


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