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The seasons are changing in many cities throughout the United States.  Not only does this bring the amazing sights on the hillsides filled with trees and the impending holidays, in the Maryland city of Baltimore this brings differences on the menus of many of the restaurants.  Chefs are taking advantage of the autumnal differences being offered in the fresh produce at the various farmers markets.  Many appetizers are being offered that utilize of course, the pumpkin as well as many other varieties of squash.

The Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar which takes place every Sunday is one of the favorites of the local chefs for finding a plethora of ideas for new and creative dishes.  On these Sundays, chefs will bring their skills to the market, team up with a particular farmer, and offer demonstrations, cooking tips and advice, and the most important of all tastings.  This showcases not only the splendid dishes they will offer at their restaurants in Baltimore, but gives kudos to the individual farmers as well.

This is a great learning experience for all those in attendance, not only in the learning of the recipes and the various delicious new dishes, but in the learning about the vendors themselves, the food that they grow and sell, and they will learn how to make choices that are based on the growing seasons of the various produce.  This is the new way of eating green, to buy locally and to buy was is in season.

They will also be introduced to the world of herbs, and to bring home a potted starter garden to use in their own kitchens at home.  And for those wishing to take care of some Christmas shopping during the day, the Bazaar has been newly added to the Baltimore Market on Sundays.  This section offers a variety of hand made creations by some of Baltimore’s finest crafts people, unique gift ideas that fit into every one’s budget.  The changing of the seasons, a great time to be in Baltimore and to experience everything that this city has to offer.

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