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Are the medications in your list brand name pills?

Are all medications listed brand name products?

Our product list consists entirely of generic forms of medication.

What is the meaning with the word “generic?” Do brand name medicines and generic medications produce the same results?

The only distinctions to be made regarding generic drugs and their brand name equivalents are in their names, shapes and costs. While manufacturers give
brand names to the medications they produce, their generic equivalents are typically named according to the drug’s active ingredient. Since no manufacturer
can legally patent specific chemical agents, companies manufacturing generic drugs have the freedom to produce what are commonly referred to as “generics”.
Their chemical compositions are just the same and since they contain identical active ingredients, the medical output has equivalent results. So someone
who purchases generic medication spends less, but reaps exactly the same benefits.

Why do generic drugs cost less?

Producers of generic drugs do not have to pay the significant sums associated with research and development as well as advertisements unlike the
manufacturers of the original brand name medications. The cost just to obtain FDA approval in the United States is huge. Generic drug producers don’t need
to shoulder or recoup these expenditures. As a result, you will receive great savings passed along.

The drugs with brand names do not look like the pills I received. There is an unfamiliar name labeled on the medications I have ordered. What’s the
reason for this?

No chemical agent can be patented by any manufacturer, as we’ve previously stated. So the active ingredients in generic medications can be identical to
those in brand name products. But it is a common practice to patent the names, shapes and colors of the medicines, and they are considered to be an
intellectual property. Therefore, if a manufacturer of generic drugs uses the same name or shape as the brand name pills, it could be guilty of
infringement on the copyright. This is the reason why generic medications have a completely different look, shape and color than the brand name pills they
are substituting for.

How do I know if the pills which you provide are of high quality?

We are dedicated to provide medications of high quality. It’s quite an uncomplicated logic: the higher the product quality we offer, the more loyal
customers we retain. This is why we devote a great deal of attention for the careful selection of our supplier and test thoroughly the product’s quality
and documentation with which they provide us. The company that manufactures the medications we sell is located in India. Furthermore, our products are
Indian FDA-approved and licensed by the local Indian state. Every package of all the products we ship contains the Certificate of Analysis provided by the
manufacturer’s lab and is in total compliance with the Indian law.

How long will these pills last?

You will find the expiration date emblazoned upon each blister which varies from batch to batch. All medications are good for two years starting from the
manufacturing date, and each batch produced has different expiration dates.

How does the 50mg of \/iagra differ from 100 mg pills?

We offer a generic form of \/iagra in 50 mg tablets as well as 100 mg tablets. The active constituent of the drug, Sildenafil, is contained in fixed dosages
of 50mg and 100 mg. Therefore, a 100 mg dosage of \/iagra has 100mg of Sildenafil and a 50 mg dosage of \/iagra has 50 mg of Sildenafil, respectively. For
the desired effect, 50 mg is the common dosage. But this ingredient has various effects on people, which is why we advise you to begin with 25 mg, meaning
you only take half of the pill, to see how your body would react. If you don’t experience the desired effects, you can try taking an entire 50mg pill.

Explain the differences between regular and soft versions of Levitra, Cialis and viagra.

Please take a moment to review this table:

Drug Name


Amount of time to take effect

Method of ingestion

Fatty food/alcohol

Amount of time the drug lasts



30 min.

Administer with a full glass of water


36 Hrs

Cialis Soft


15 to 20 min.

chew until the medication is dissolved completely


24 – 36 Hrs



One hour

Administer with a full glass of water


3-4 Hrs

\/iagra Soft


15 to 20 min.

chew until the medication is dissolved completely


6 Hrs



10 Min. to 1 hour

Administer with a full glass of water


12 Hrs.

Methods of Ordering

Do I need a prescription?

It is necessary to have a valid prescription in order to obtain a number of items from our pharmacy. If your country’s laws need you to have a prescription
of the drugs mentioned, our customer service rep will ask you to email it to us after the order is placed.

Please take note that we cannot fill your order without a valid prescription. We need you to fax your doctor’s prescription to us, or you can use your
scanner to provide a copy and send it in an email. In addition, if you fail to submit a valid prescription within 72 hours, we will not process your order.

How can I place an order with you?

If you want to purchase some items from our pharmacy, you can do the following:

  • First, you have to pick the product you want to purchase.
  • Click BUY NOW and select the number of tablets you want.
  • Go to the checkout area by simply clicking the CHECKOUT link.

· Fill in your purchase as well as your delivery information. Check your order for accuracy, and click SUBMIT TRANSACTION.

· As soon as we accept your order, you’ll see a confirmation message and receive a confirmation e-mail as well. It is important that you are able to get
this message. However, if you were not able to receive this within ten minutes, it will be resent. You can proceed to your account section to download the
confirmation message.


What are your available payment methods?

Currently, the only method of payment we accept is credit cards.

When will the charge actually post to my account?

Here’s how the ordering process works:

Once you click the “Submit” button after filling in the checkout page form, your data will be sent through the processing center. Here, the information is
checked first prior of charging your credit card. Take note that we will only approve and process your order once we receive authorization for payment.

Do I need to provide credit card details on your website?

We are very serious about protecting your personal data and thus have a plan in place to secure your personal information. When you are ready to submit
your order, you will be transferred to the secure order section. In order to check for the page security, look for a padlock icon near the bottom part of
the browser window. When you see this icon, you know your information is kept secure with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Additionally, keep in mind
that the prefix “https:” at the beginning of a web address signifies a secured page, while pages with URLs beginning with “http:” that excludes the “s” may
not have the same level of security.

Well-known providers of online security such as WebSafe and McAfee check our servers daily to identify potential risks in addition to the layer of security
provided by Web browsers. We can show you the security certificates in our website for you to verify.

Is there some kind of system in place that enables me to receive a discount?

Discounts are available. Have a look at this, please.

Questions about Shipping

Is shipping available in my area?

We ship orders to nearly every country across the globe except for a few Asian countries.

Where is the point of origin for shipping of the pills?

The drugs are made in India, so that’s where the packages are being processed and shipped from.

What sort of packaging is used for shipment? Is my signature required upon delivery?

We are serious about your privacy. A discrete envelope will be used to hold your order, and it will be placed in your mailbox. If your order is shipped
through Standard Mail, you don’t need to sign in order to receive it.

Does your company ship my items within the day of purchase?

Our products are fully stocked for fast shipping and delivery. But we need to check first the order to be certain that we have the right shipping info, and
then the item you’ve ordered is packaged and shipped. It takes a day or two to complete these processes.

What are the options for shipping? When should I expect my delivery?

At this time, two shipping processes are available:

Courier Service: Once the order is shipped, it is possible to track packages sent via this method using the tracking number provided after shipment.
Details are in the account page.

Standard International Airmail: Tracking is NOT available for packages sent via this shipment method.

Shipping Method




Standard International Airmail


10 to 21 days


Courier Service*


5 to 9 days


We are unable to ship orders by courier to PO boxes. Additionally, if you make a mistake in your address or phone number, you will not receive your order.

Do please remember that it’s only an estimated delivery time that we specify and will usually be correct, but can’t be always guaranteed due to unforeseen

Please be advised that our company cannot be held responsible for prolonged delays as a result of international mail undergoing customs inspections.

In addition, we aren’t responsible for delivery delays that are due to inevitable disruptions in mail service during Christmas Holiday and New Year’s,
natural disasters, or if there are strikes or other problems out of our control.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping costs vary depending upon which shipping method you select, the destination country, and the size of the items ordered. The overall cost of
shipping will be calculated and displayed after you add your chosen products to the shopping cart and click on checkout.

Will customs delay my order?

We’ll let you know if this happens. The intended recipient will need to be present to give permission for the package to be examined. Following this, your
product should arrive. If you run into any trouble receiving your order, kindly notify us, and we’ll try to clear up the problem for you.

What should I do if my order is incomplete or my package is damaged?

In this instance, you have to report the problem to our support group. We may refund your purchase price, or send the package again. If you want more
information, kindly read our Policies.

It is important to understand that orders consisting of 90 pills or more will be delivered in multiple packages. The first package will contain 30 pills,
and an additional of 4 bonus pills. The second package will contain 60 pills and will be sent after a week has passed.

If you must ship the product again, how much would I pay?

The product will be reshipped at no cost. We will not place additional charges.

How to Manage Your Order

What are the necessary steps to follow in checking my order status?

Here, we provide you two choices:

1) Click CONTACT US to talk with our support team.

2) Check the status of your order from the ACCOUNT section of our website. When you do this, you can see the date of delivery, the date of dispatch and the
full status of your order. You have to enter your order number, valid email address, and the three digit verification code to gain access of your account.

If the order was shipped through the Courier Service, you can also verify your tracking number on that same page.

You have not yet shipped my order and I want my shipping details to be changed. How do I proceed?

If you need to cancel your order or alter any information regarding shipping and delivery, you can send us your message through your account page.

I would like to cancel my order. Please forward advice on this action.

Kindly review our policies in regards to Reimbursements & Returns.

Business Opportunities

Would you like to become a distributor and offer our new products?

We would be pleased to receive your application which you can send through our e-mail address. Please note that any items we add should conform to our
quality standards and go together with quality certifications.

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