new and improved 
discussion group
Ok…so what’s a FLLAG???

Welcome to the new home of our group.  Many changes have taken place. 
First, as you have noticed that we now have a logo and acronym (can a web
site be far away?) and even more important… we have moved from our old
Topica Site and have taken up residency over at Yahoo Groups.

Check out the new features

message center.  Easy to read archived messages

Live chat.  Protected from outsiders.  Perhaps a live chat
amongst members on a monthly basis.

Sharing.  If you want to send a file to the members now its
possible to do so.  A great way to share songs too!

Sharing.  Have a favorite web site that you would like to share
with the group?

Data Base
Sharing:  How about sharing a favorite recipe Now you can with
this feature.

Calendar:  We can now put birthdays, Anniversaries, and
special occasions.  How about the reunion???

Center:  Just like Evite but now you don’t have to go to a separate
site.  Its faster download.

pictures with your message.  On the old site we could
only send 100kb messages (Everybody seemed to have a message
kicked back as undeliverable).  Now you can send large
files  including pictures right in the message or as an
attachment if you like.  
Now how
secure is this site going to be???

Recent conversations within the group say that security is a big
issue.  This new center is a private By invitation only site
Because Yahoo is much bigger than Topica they can provide all the above
listed features at no cost.  Yes there will be ads attached to emails
like Topica is now doing but the benefits are far better on yahoo than
Topica.  And as far as I can tell, Yahoo is not likely to sell
information about our group or the addresses of our members.

I want to thank Judy 
(cteyes10) for playing a big part in helping “test drive”
the new site.  We have tested out the
features and they appear to be better than Topica so I hope you will join
the group and come over to the FLLAG site.



course I like the site because its easier to manage.

lets Kick it up a notch!

If you want
to join in the fun of the next generation of the group just reply to the
invite you will be receiving soon!



how Do I “Make the Change?”
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