March 2011 – start of baclofen treatment : addiction

Re: March 2011 – Start of Baclofen Treatment

Postby AABB » Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:40 pm

I just joined in the conversation. I’ve been on Bac since December ‘011.( I stopped drinking after falling literally “in the gutter”). I slowly increased the dose till 90 (having read that in a Parisian clinic’s survey they were handling that dose).
I stopped drinking during 3 months. The side effects in my case were not very pleasant. I have to be verbally active and clear, being a teacher, and with Bac it just looked and felt like “slurred speech”. Moreover, a had very bad nights of insomnia, quite the opposite of the experience of other users… I had very bad head aches in the lower part ofthe back of my head, near the neck.
As the craving had gone, I decided to have 2 beers or wine to be sociable and it didn’t feel bad at all.
Because of the side effects, I started to decrease the Bac dose. Once Bac-free, I was totally back into the old habit.
This was very disturbing and after 2 months I started on Bac again, but I kept drinking in the meantime, although less than before, hoping that the craving would go. But it didn’t really, until now. I think, in my case, there is a lot of “habit” drinking. I’ve been an alcoholic for over 40 years. I’m not a binge drinker, but a habitual one. I’ve just been up to a 105 but the lower back head aches were such that I have decreased the dose to 95 and it feels a bit better.
Can’t wait to see the results of Prof. Wiers in Amsterdam or the ones in Paris! (Paris has been investigating for almost a year now, so the results should be in shortly, Amsterdam might take another year).
I’m keeping Bac up, for the time being, as it does do something, if not enough, craving wise. But maybe my dose is not high enough. A higher dose, though, is not an option in my case… The insomnia is back, I have to take Temazepam to sleep and that’s addictive, so no option either… And the head aches are very disturbing.

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