Beyond belief paranormal events

Beyond Belief Paranormal Events

Beyond Belief Paranormal Events is a group of dedicated paranormal investigators who operate from Vancouver Island, located in haunted Victoria, BC.

The team provide high quality private and public investigations. working with clients and the public to undertaken paranormal research, document spirit activity, hear and understand their story and help spirit wherever possible to transition. 

Bringing over 6 years of working in this field

the team provides safe and supportive investigations and events to support spirit and empower clients. 

All Beyond Belief Paranormal Investigations and Events are fully insured.


  • To assist spirit, whether this is supporting their transition, sharing messages or telling their story     
  • To raise awareness of the existence of spirit
  • To empower people to develop and/or manage their own spiritual experiences
  • To support individuals in exploring their own interests in the paranormal, whether it is a spiritually based or scientific based interest 


  • Honesty and integrity in our communication with spirit, the public and clients
  • Authentic investigations
  • Working in the service of spirit
  • Empowerment of the people we come in contact with
  • Provision of safe and supportive environments 


The team believes that every attempt to communicate with and evidence spirit activity should be used during investigations and apply both equipment and spiritually based techniques.

Throughout each investigation a wide range of equipment is used to research and document paranormal activity and includes the use of:

  • both infrared and full spectrum video cameras
  • still cameras
  • EMF meters
  • temperature gauges
  • EVP equipment
  • ghost box experiment

In addition, the team uses spiritually based activities such as seances, table tipping, glass moving and planchette work.

Evidence is shared with clients and the public following the investigation.

As well as private investigations, the Beyond Belief team hosts public events and investigations.  The cost of the event funds:

  • Any location hire charges
  • Public Liability Insurance – all our events, investigations, workshops, etc. are fully insured
  • Equipment – new and additional equipment is constantly being purchased for use on public and private paranormal events
  • Private investigations and consultations which are undertaken free of charge to the client

Thank you for your support and for allowing us to continue this work!



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