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Many Patients Suffering Serious Accutane Side Effects

Charles Pulikowski | January 24th, 2012

Very serious side effects from Accutane use have become more commonplace. This popular drug used to treat acne, has been used for many years, before such side effects began afflicting many patients. Many side effect suffers have filed Accutane lawsuits against the manufacturer, Roche, to possibly gain damages.

There are quite a few serious side effects suffered as a result of Accutane use. They include—inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); ulcerative colitis; Crohn’s Disease; depression; as well as birth defects.

Certain side effects are difficult to prove. Some, such as IBD, may have symptoms that come and go, which makes it quite difficult to prove just when the disease began. Other side effects may not appear until Accutane has accumulated in the patient’s body. Therefore, the patient may have been taking Accutane for a while, or perhaps even ended its use, before any symptoms appear.

Common Accutane Lawsuit Complications

Another difficulty for Accutane lawyers contemplating a lawsuit is a potential family history of a condition. There may be doubt concerning whether the condition is genetic or directly related to its use. Individuals who experienced some symptoms prior to its use may have a greater challenge in proving that Accutane exacerbated their condition. This is especially true if the plaintiff had symptoms of depression before using Accutane, and then alleges that it worsened the condition. Without studies to prove that Accutane can aggravate some medical conditions, Accutane lawyers may have difficulty proving their case.

Another factor in bringing a lawsuit is that states also have different statute of limitations. In some states, the time may be six months, while other states may allow up to three years to file a lawsuit once symptoms begin. Some states use a time that begins when the plaintiff stops using the medication.

Because the rules regarding lawsuits are quite complex, a lawyer should be consulted about any potential case. Anyone who has experienced serious side effects should speak with an experienced attorney to determine their eligibility.

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