Asthma treatment by homeopathy : Jai Vimal Health Clinic


is a life threatening condition marked by recurrent attack of
difficult breathing.


  • Allergy to pollen, house-dust mites, cat hairs, cold air and
    certain food item.

  • Laughing

  • Talking to much

  • Stress
    or emotional out burst

  • Passive smoking

  • Allergic
    disease like hay fever or eczema

  • Certain
    drugs Common symptom

  • Wheezing

  • Coughing

  • Shortness
    of breath

  • Suffocation

  • Labored

  • Backache

  • Attack
    usually comes at night, form few minutes to several hours varies
    from intensity, frequency and duration.



Asthma Chart Asthma Chart

medicinal treatment
consist of two type bronchiodilators
and steroids these drugs has severe side effect- weight gain,
irritability, increases sensitivity, shaking of hands, decreased
resistance to infection, stomach problem, burning in chest, high
blood pressure, giddiness, osteoporosis.

treats asthma form it root cause. Any attack if related to psychology,
homeopathic medicine will alter the stress and emotional situation
into normal state of mind. After homeopathic medicine attack will
reduce in intensity, frequency and duration. You will notice that
your cough, wheezing and difficult breathing will reduce. Dependency
on steroids, bronchiodilators, nebulizer and respiratory pumps
will decreases. For healthy breathing homeopathy is the only way
to keep our life healthy.

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