Friday, January 14, 2005

The familiar noise and hum of a machine…the poker room was there, right where I left it five days ago…filled with all those new faces of people in games and standing by waiting to get in games or on the lists. Home!

Apparently there were a couple of guys in the $2-5 blind NLH game that couldn’t get along on Wednesday night. One of them went for a headlock on his opponent. They had to leave, probably for good, but the funny part of it is that another person that couldn’t just “SHUT UP” and wasn’t involved in the fight, had to leave too. I don’t know who they were, just heard about it when I was dealing another game tonight.

It’s pretty amazing how all the new faces that are playing think that screaming, yelling, all around hull-a-baloo, and swearing is the way to player poker. I hit a $4-8 holdem game in which the five players on the right hand side of the table were so noisy it was almost impossible to be heard and three of them slammed the word Fuck into all their sentences. I cautioned them on using “potty mouth” and they tried to tone it down but some people just can’t talk unless they can swear. They improved by the time I left the down but…

How the hell do they deal with the real world? They can’t talk like that in an office or over the counter to someone they are selling something to so how do they handle their jobs with mouths that spew obscenities? Hey…maybe they don’t have jobs! Not only that, if the dealers before me had toned them down, I wouldn’t have to…novel thought!

In this same game, the 8s kept throwing his cards away to the right hand side of the table. He repeatedly released his hand almost into the 5s’s cards each time. The second time he did it, I said, “You need to work on your pitch! You suck!”

He took it well, even started laughing, but continued to do the same thing. The fourth time he did it, his cards land on the 5s’s cards. Luckily the cards were easily distinguished. I started laughing, “What is it with you? Are you trying to foul his hand or what?”

He apologized and said that he’d had too much to drink. Finally, before I left the table, he’d controlled that wild, right hand twitch down to where he could get the cards to me.

They still made so much noise it was unbelievable. When I moved to the next game, a few of their friends came up and they started screaming and chanting. The Supervisor had to visit the table to calm them down. What is it with that? Do they really think they are the first people to ever drink and play poker in Vegas?

Late in the night I dealt Table 3. $10-20 blind NLH. Huck S. was in the 6s. The rest of the table were unknowns. The 8s was young, had a lot of chips and cash in front of him and talked nonstop during my down. The whole world and game was about him. He stopped the action completely almost every hand. He was drinking and had some of the players drinking with him. Quite a few things happened during this down.

One major event for me, Huck stretched out under the table, and even though I had my feet tucked back under my chair, he booted me in the leg. I put my hand out to him, got his attention, and said, “Hey…stop kicking me.”

Not to worry, he then did a jerk twitch with his foot about four more times so he got me each time. While it didn’t hurt, I don’t appreciate it. I don’t need anyone’s foot on my leg…unless I’m having a drink with him in a candlelit room and they have their shoes off…umnhhh!!!

The 8s started a rumble. He told everyone they should put in $20 each, no one could raise, and they would all see the Flop. Shit! While I was dealing the hand, they did…all except the 5s that was the SB. The 5s set out a stack…he raised it! Huge argument, people trying to take their $20 back; Carmen was right there. She stated they could not change the game format. Still the noise went on. It ended up being that no one could take back their $20 and the raise stood.

The 2s started calling the 5s a weasel for raising. Carmen told him to drop it, no name calling, or he would be dealt out. He said he was leaving anyway. The noise went on. She told them again to stop the conversation about that hand, they wouldn’t be allowed to change the game.

The 9s called the 5s’s raise. It went to show down, with the 9s losing about $700 in the hand and the 5s showed A-A. Great time for everyone to put in $20 to see the Flop.

Then Huck called a preflop bet, the 8s threw his hand away and wanted to see Huck’s hand. Huck shoved it over to him across the 7s. I told Huck to keep his hand in front of him and he made some comment…I told him that the camera was running and if something happened in the hand, it would look like he didn’t have cards and the 8s did…better that his hand was in his possession. The table was still talking and carrying on over the $20 thing, making it almost impossible to deal the game. I finally barked, “Everyone…just shut up!”

Carmen was still there and she reinforced my statement. I got pushed. Huck turned to me and sarcastically stated, “We’re sorry you didn’t have any fun here, Linda.”

I replied, “Oh…I did…until you kicked me 15 times.”

The 7s started laughing and gave me a $10 toke.

I headed for my last game of the night $30-60 Holdem, then a Bust Out! Time Clock City.

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