Mood disorders affect nearly 10 million Americans. If you suffer from depression, you are not alone and a chiropractor can help. The major symptoms of depression are a depressed mood and a loss of interest. This loss of interest can seriously affect your life and the life of the ones around you. You may stop doing activities with your friends and family or you may not get that good feeling when your friends or family are around. This can put strain on your relationships and drive the depression even further. This can trigger secondary symptoms such as irritability, hopelessness and pessimism.

The cause of depression is not well known. There is evidence that a trauma to the neck and upper spine can lead to the onset of depression. Trauma can come at one time with an injury or can build up over years with poor posture. A chiropractor can give you a series of adjustments to get your upper back and neck back to a healthy and aligned state. Case studies have shown that depression can be alleviated with chiropractic work. The Texas Health Clinics specializes in getting your body running to run at its peak level. This may increase serotonin levels and help rid you of depression. Call The Texas Health Clinics today at (972) 596 – 2273 to set up a free consultation.

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