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Ear Surgery

What is it?

Otoplasty is the correcting of prominent ears by setting
them back closer to the head. It is a technique often conducted on young children shortly
before they are about to go to school to lessen embarrassment of prominent ears.

How is it performed?

Cartilage in the ear is removed or bent back to allow the
ear to bend naturally towards the side of the head. The procedure usually takes about 1
hour, and may be followed by a short stay in the hospital. Occasionally a set back ear can
protrude again, necessitating a second operation.

How long will it take for the physical effects of the
operation to disappear?

Some bleeding an bruising may occur, so a head bandage is
worn for up to one week to protect the ears. After this, a bandage is worn at night for a
further 2 weeks. Excessive exercise should be avoided for about 3 weeks.


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